Shaun Fights at King of Kings 9

The words of Academy Thai Boxing instructor Alf Walker:

"Another night in the office at King Of Kings 9 - Relentless - the team from the Academy of Combat cornering Shaun in a K1 eliminator - got the first win over a tenacious and significantly more experienced opponent. Didn’t get second win - but that is just part of the game. A great event.

People wonder why I coach fighters - same reason I do tutoring as one of my day jobs - the reward is seeing young people develop into fuller, more capable and confident versions of themselves. It’s not just about winning or losing - but standing up and being counted. This takes courage, discipline and fortitude - three virtues that I believe will take you a long way in this world.

My thanks and respect to the other teams and fighters - speedy recovery for any injuries out there. See you next time."

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