John Will BJJ Seminar November 2019

John Will is returning shortly to the Academy for another in-depth and exciting BJJ seminar! During his long and storied martial arts career John has trained with iconic names such as Rigan Machado, Rickson Gracie, Gene Lebell and Benny Urquidez. John is one of the first 12 non-Brazilians to be awarded a BJJ black belt and currently holds the rank of sixth degree. While John's seminars are always packed with extremely useful techniques they are also very thought-provoking and entertaining due to John's vast life experience and sense of humour.

Please don't miss this incredible opportunity. Get your money in by the 15th of November and only pay $70. After this date the cost will be $80.

Time: 6pm to 9pm, Friday November 22nd, 2019 Location: Academy of Combat Open to any belt level


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Alert Level 2

As we enter alert level 2 this afternoon we will remain open but will continue with hygiene precautions and contact tracing. Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after class and sta