COVID Vaccine Pass Mandate

The Academy

Special Announcement to all Members of the Academy of Combat

As of 11.59 pm, Thursday, December 2, 2021 all members, aged 13 years and older, who wish to train at the Academy of Combat will be required to show COVID vaccination Pass, unless they have a doctors certificate giving them an exemption.

No Vaccine Pass, No Training

This is in compliance with the government regulations that require the Vaccine Mandate to be in place. If you have had the first injection you will have until Jan 19 to get the second injection, you will be allowed to train after the first injection, however, by January 19 you must show the second injection having been administered.

In addition, this is in the interests of not only your own personal safety, the safety of the other people that you train with and those that come in to contact with them. The Academy and especially myself will not compromise the safety of any of the members.

Those parents of children 12 years and under, that do not wish to comply may drop their children at the Academy and return once the class is over, to pick up their children.

Vaccines work, save lives and are our best tool to fight the virus. They prime the immune system so that it is prepared to fight the virus if it tries to propagate in your body.

I am a scientist whose area of professional knowledge gives me scientific based knowledge of both the virus and the vaccine mechanics.

The current anti-vaccine rhetoric is based of nonsensical conspiracy theories and statements made by people who have no science-backed knowledge of what they are talking about.

My personal issue with the vaccine requirement is solely based on the method by which Ardern and the government in power has handled the pandemic response and is forcing the mandate on us. It is truly authoritarian in nature and should have been discussed in a democratic manner.

That aside, even if a member chooses not to be vaccinated, then I wish them well and suggest that they get vaccinated to prevent, not only, a severe sickness to themselves but potentially spreading it and harming others.

I am open to discussion by members as to their path forward, however, there will be no exceptions except on medical grounds as shown by a registered doctor’s certificate. My decision was also based on ensuring the safety of all of my members from this unprecedented public health danger.

Once restrictions of movement are lifted the ability of the virus to propagate will be amplified. Just as vaccinations have kept polio and many other potentially fatal diseases under control, so to will the vaccine help to get this potentially fatal virus under control.

I would like to thank all members of the Academy who have expressed their support for my requiring the Vaccine Pass for members of the Academy.

This ensures that members can attend training at the Academy, under normal training conditions and be assured that we have done the utmost to maintain our students safety.

I have consulted with the NZ Business Institute and they inform me that the orange level of the Traffic Light system does not allow facilities, such as Martial Arts, kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu Academies to operate without a Vaccine Pass requirement.

Without the Vaccine Pass requirement we are required to be closed at Orange and Red and could only operate at the Green level with restrictions.

Students can just show their pass at reception and we will record it on our database, That will mean that it will not have to be shown every time that they come to train.

If you have any questions you are very welcome to discuss the situation with me or the girls at reception. Dr Geoff Aitken Chief Instructor Academy of Combat.

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