Combat Kidz Boot Camp, 2022

Kids Summer Boot Camp 2021

This Summer School Holidays the Academy is again offering a martial arts training program for the 8 – 12 age group (Combat Kids).

*eligibility will also be extended to students who will become Combat Kids in the first term of the New Year.

This will comprise 4 intensive training boot camps on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th of January 2022 5th and 12 February. All classes will run from 12pm to 2pm. Each session will focus on a different aspect of martial arts. The cost per class is

1 class- $35 2 classes- $60 3 classes- $80 4 classes- $97

5 classes- $110

6 classes- $120

That’s a full 2 hours of focused training, in the best equipped martial arts facility that Christchurch has available. All sessions are taught by Academy Chief Instructor Geoff (PhD).

A student may attend any number of sessions. Each session will focus on different aspects of martial arts training, including:

· Stand up striking skills of Muay Thai

· Groundwork and grappling

· Self Defence.

· Sports specific conditioning drills to increase fitness, speed, power and co-ordination.

The training will be presented in a manner such that students of all levels will benefit and develop their skills. The numbers will be limited to ensure that each student receives a high level of instruction and attention.