A Few Safety Measures For The Next Month

  • Masks and disposable gloves will be available to anyone who wants to wear them.

  • Instructors will wear masks and disposable gloves.

  • If you are using Thai pads you must wear disposable gloves.

  • Class endings will be staggered so everyone is not leaving at once. This means some classes might finish earlier than usual.

  • Classes will be divided into groups of ten or less with a large separation between groups.

  • We will not be doing any grappling sparring. During grappling classes, stay with the same partner during the class and as much as possible over the next month.

  • There will be no grappling at all in the kids classes.

  • Parents can watch kids classes but must maintain social distancing and not be in groups of more than ten.

  • In general avoid crowding together with other members.

  • Please sanitize your hands before class and before using any equipment.

  • Please make sure that you wash all of your training gear after every session.

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