The day that we are allowed to open has been pushed back just slightly. We will open Thursday the 14th Of May, see you then!

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As we approach alert level 2 we are planning on opening the Academy again for all classes on Wednesday the 13th of May. We are able to do close contact training with specific health and safety measures in place. However, we won't be doing grappling initially in the kids classes. Although we have everyone's details on file, we may double check your details as you come in for contact tracing purposes. We have bulk amounts of face masks, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves of all sizes. There will be several hand sanitizing stations set up, we ask that everyone makes use of these. The facilities will be disinfected every night. Obviously don't come in if you think you may be unwell.

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We are still planning to reopen at Alert level 2 on May 12th with some stipulations. We will have to be careful with hygiene with plenty of hand washing etc. Close contact will have to be limited so the kids classes will not have any grappling in them initially. At this stage we're not sure how we will handle this for the adult grappling classes, we are still working on it. Hopefully you have been looking after yourselves during the lockdown and we are looking forward to seeing you all again at training.

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