Updated: 4 days ago

This Summer School Holidays the Academy is again offering a martial arts training program for the 8 – 12 age group (Combat Kids).

*eligibility will also be extended to students who will become Combat Kids in the first term of the New Year.

This will comprise 4 intensive training boot camps on the 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd of January 2021. All classes will run from 12pm to 2pm. Each session will focus on a different aspect of martial arts. The cost per class is:

1 class- $35 2 classes- $60 3 classes- $80 4 classes- $97

That’s a full 2 hours of focused training, in the best equipped martial arts facility that Christchurch has available. All sessions are taught by Academy Chief Instructor Geoff (PhD).

A student may attend any number of sessions. Each session will focus on different aspects of martial arts training, including:

  • Stand up striking skills of Muay Thai

  • Groundwork and grappling

  • Self Defence.

  • Sports specific conditioning drills to increase fitness, speed, power and co-ordination.

The training will be presented in a manner such that students of all levels will benefit and develop their skills. The numbers will be limited to ensure that each student receives a high level of instruction and attention.

All students will be given a certificate of completion for the training”

This is a great opportunity for your child to receive focused semi-private training that will increase their knowledge and boost their ability in martial arts.

Please note: Children that attend at least three classes will have the opportunity to grade.

Children to bring:

Water bottle Martial Arts Uniform

Please register and pay at reception before Saturday 2nd January. The program will be dependent on numbers.

The program is independent of normal membership fees as this is a one-off opportunity.

The words of Academy Thai Boxing instructor Alf Walker:

"Another night in the office at King Of Kings 9 - Relentless - the team from the Academy of Combat cornering Shaun in a K1 eliminator - got the first win over a tenacious and significantly more experienced opponent. Didn’t get second win - but that is just part of the game. A great event.

People wonder why I coach fighters - same reason I do tutoring as one of my day jobs - the reward is seeing young people develop into fuller, more capable and confident versions of themselves. It’s not just about winning or losing - but standing up and being counted. This takes courage, discipline and fortitude - three virtues that I believe will take you a long way in this world.

My thanks and respect to the other teams and fighters - speedy recovery for any injuries out there. See you next time."