(Age 5-7 Years)

Mat Ratz

Next term starts on the 28th of January 2020

Tuesday & Thursday 

4 pm to 4:50pm 


10am to 10:50am

New term starts on Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

The Mat Ratz program features:

  • Thai kick boxing

  • Karate

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA

  • Judo

  • Wrestling

The Mat Ratz program emphasises:

  • Developing Confidence

  • Life Skills & Character Development

  • Physical Health & Excercise

  • Stranger danger awareness

  • Dealing with Bullys

Additional benefits your child will receive:

  • Improved patience and the ability to deal with frustration

  • Independence from parents

  • Self discipline

  • A positive & respectful attitude

  • Improved coordination, balance and flexibility

Our ranking system of coloured tabs and belts teaches goal setting with practical and realistic achievements. As your child progresses through this system not only is their self esteem boosted, but it reinforces in their minds the value of concentration, perseverance and hard work. All of this is provided as part of your child's membership, there are no hidden costs.

"A place where your kids can enjoy themselves, test themselves and see how martial arts suits them, without pressure"
-Ian and Shirley Gibson

"The Academy of Combat  provides a selection of effective martial arts systems taught in a friendly and safe environment by passionate qualified instructors"
-Paul Spang

"Anyone can try to teach but not everyone can inspire people

to learn"
-Emma Hill

"Great instructors"
-Malcom Clemence