Ladies Thai

The Academy offers Muay Thai kickboxing classes especially for women - taught in a friendly and secure atmosphere, by some of the best instructors from the Christchurch kickboxing scene. Prepare to have your self confidence inspired, get fit and develop a sense of security and the ability to protect yourself.

You see…Muay Thai Kick boxing is a great way to: 

  • Keep fit

  • Manage your weight

  • Relieve stress

  • Gain confidence

  • Learn to look after yourself

  • Develop great health

  • Have fun

  • Make great new friends

As a woman of today you lead a busy, hectic life balancing your career, social life and family commitments. Many of you have careers that require you to present yourself well to others, not with cuts and bruises from training, and you certainly can't afford the time off work or out of your business with injuries.


To really live and enjoy your life you need some time to relieve stress, attend to your fitness and spend time with others that enjoy working together to develop themselves in all areas of their life.

Muay Thai Kickboxing can give you all of this and at the Academy of Combat we have a Ladies’ Only class just for you. You’ll meet and train with like-minded woman forging enduring friendships that extend far beyond The Academy. In addition, for those women who do want more challenge and more training you are also able to train in the mixed classes as well when you wish.

To begin your Thai Boxing journey and make one of the most beneficial decisions of your life click here.


Muay Thai Round Kick

Training the round kick for Muay Thai and kickboxing.

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