The Academy now offers a women's only MMA class. This class is available to women of all levels and is taught by an experienced female instructor. So whether you want to increase your fitness, learn some great skills or just build your confidence you can now learn MMA in an all female environment.

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Our MMA system mostly consists of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Muay Thai Kickboxing. During your class you will will learn how to:


  • Throw punches, kicks knees and elbows

  • Take an opponent to the ground

  • Apply submissions on the ground

  • Throw strikes on the ground

MMA is all about combining different martial arts and maintaining dominant positions throughout a fight. It requires a lot of different skills, which is why it is so fun to train!

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While you will learn a lot of great fighting skills during your class there are also lot of other awesome benefits such as:


  • Increasing fitness

  • Learning self defence

  • Building confidence

  • Staying in Shape

  • Making friends

  • Relieving stress

In addition, for those women who do want more challenge and more training you are also able to train in the mixed classes as well when you wish.

To begin your MMA journey and make one of the most beneficial decisions of your life click here.


We offer private lessons in MMA that are available to all experience levels. These can be booked at reception and are available from 10am through to 9pm. Private lessons are an excellent way to focus on a particular aspect of MMA or to accelerate your overall progress.