Freestyle Martial Arts & Street Self Defence is a multi-disciplined system incorporating the techniques of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Filipino Stick Fighting and Krav Maga providing a comprehensive martial arts curriculum. The Academy of Combat is the only Christchurch Martial Arts school offering a program of this type. The system is taught by Academy Chief Instructor Dr Geoff Aitken who has been an instructor for 46 years.

At first you will be taught the postures and stances of each style including the basic elements of Filipino stick fighting, both double and single stick. This will increase your speed and efficiency which is essential for all forms of fighting. At this time you will also learn the basics of striking (utilizing pad work), grappling and Filipino sensitivity drills. You will gain all the benefits of practicing traditional martial arts without unnecessary practices such as katas. As you continue to progress, the complexity of drills and sequences is increased to give a greater understanding of each style's techniques and strategies. You will learn to integrate trapping, throwing and locking with the stick as well as other tactics.

The resultant knowledge base will provide you with a well rounded conceptual methodology of dealing with all ranges of combat, not including firearms. Whether you wish to train for self defence or learn a martial art as a life enhancing interest our Freestyle Martial Arts & Street Self Defence system will provide you with a comprehensive and fulfilling physical and mental exercise program.

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We offer private lessons in Freestyle Martial Arts that are available to all experience levels. These can be booked at reception and are available from 10am through to 9pm. Private lessons are an excellent way to focus on a particular aspect of Freestyle Martial Arts, such as self defence, or to accelerate your overall progress.