Challenge Yourself And Get in the Best Shape Of Your Life!

Mixed martial artists and Muay Thai practitioners are arguably the most highly conditioned, overall, of all athletes. These sports demand a whole body conditioning and, to be competitive, an athlete must be able to manage his/her weight very precisely and quickly.

And yet with all the technical drilling and fight techniques that they need to include, in their training regimes, their conditioning routines must be short, highly demanding and get the results they need quickly. The reality is that most of these athletes only train for these extremely high levels of conditioning for 30 minutes a day.

  •   The skills required are simple to learn

  •   The whole program is quick and intense only 30 minutes a day.

  •   The challenge is personal, you drive yourself to your maximum and it is you that sets the bar.

  •   Strip those inches and pounds of unwanted fat off faster than ever before

  •   Have great fun doing the routines with people just like you in an atmosphere of fun, excitement and encouragement.

  •   See and feel the difference in a very short time.

Here’s how you can get super fit, melt those unwanted inches away and experience the most incredible workout of your life –

The Academy of Combat fitness class

Come and join our exciting high intensity class that will challenge you and make you the person that you always dreamed of becoming. Together with our experienced instructors, feel and experience the excitement and rush that you get from the challenge, the comradeship of working with others just like you, and see the inches just melt away as you get in the best shape of your life, and stay that way.