Kids Martial Arts 5-7 years

Kids Martial Arts 5-7 years

New term starts on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

 Tuesday & Thursday 
  4 pm to 4.50pm
 10 am to 10.50am 


The Mat Ratz program features:

  • Thai kick boxing
  • Karate
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA
  • Judo
  • Wrestling

The Mat Ratz program emphasises:

  • Developing Confidence

    Life Skills & Character Development

  • Physical exercise and health

  • Stranger danger awareness

  • Dealing with Bullys

Our class environment promotes comradeship, teamwork, focus and concentration. The children are taught by experienced instructors who teach with encouragement and a methodology of cooperative discipline.

Rewards are given for good work which include certificates and achievement patches for the children's uniforms. Also our homework sheets are very popular with the Mums and Dads.
awards for kids martial arts styles

Additional benefits your child will receive:

  • Improved patience and the ability to deal with frustration
  • Independence from parents
  • Self discipline
  • A positive & respectful attitude
  • Improved coordination, balance and flexibility
kids in karate uniform family martial arts

A video showing a Mat Ratz class

Our ranking system of coloured tabs and belts teaches goal setting with practical and realistic achievements. As your child progresses through this system not only is their self esteem boosted, but it reinforces in their minds the value of concentration, perseverance and hard work.

If you would like further information or to come along and try a lesson please call reception on (03) 3776350.

Confidence is not something we are born with... is something that we learn.

kids mma and thai boxing

In this video you can see what happens during a Kids Martial Arts grading at the Academy. Here you can see a Mat Ratz class with kids aged 5 to 7 years being tested on Thai boxing combinations, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grappling techniques and street self defence moves. Check out our gallery for more Kids Martial Arts videos.


Kids Martial Arts Parent/Grand Parent Testimonials

"Real life lessons taught in a safe environment. The best instructors teaching the skills that kids NEED to learn while ensuring they still enjoy it. I wish I'd known this stuff when I was younger"

"I have never seen my daughter focused in a class. She is always doing several things at once . In MMA she is focused and attentive. It's great to see!"

"Anyone can try to teach but not everyone can inspire people to learn"
-Emma Hill

"The Academy of Combat  provides a selection of effective martial arts systems taught in a friendly and safe environment by passionate qualified instructors"
-Paul Spang

"A place where your kids can enjoy themselves, test themselves and see how martial arts suits them, without pressure"
-Ian and Shirley Gibson

"Great instructors"
-Malcom Clemence

The Academy of Combat has a fantastic atmosphere that is very motivating at the end of a frustrating day at work. Unfortunately due to a work injury I had to give it up. Now I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter who has been doing MMA for a year and a half now (which she loves).

It is very important for myself that she gains the knowledge of MMA due to this forever evolving world, so that she can stand tall with strength and confidence to be herself! Also to have a different outlet in life than the rebellious teenagers when in high school. It gives me great reassurance for when the time comes that she ventures out into the world that she can defend herself.

I reccomend all the classes and miss it deeply but I keep my knowledge and passion alive through practicing with my daughter. I would like to say thank you to Geoff and Leonie for all your time and knowledge and I'm happy to be back, even if it's on the side line.
-Michelle Brady