Freestyle Martial Arts 13+ years

Freestyle Martial Arts 13+ years

Tuesday & Thursday
6 pm to 6.55pm


The Freestyle Martial Arts Youth
program features

  • Thai kick boxing
  • Karate
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Judo
  • Wrestling
  • Philipino stick and knife fighting

The Freestyle Martial Arts Youth 
program emphasises:

  • Developing Confidence
  • Physical exercise and health
  • Self discipline
  • Focus

Our class environment promotes comradeship, teamwork, focus and concentration. Students are taught by experienced instructors the latest up to date mixed martial arts techniques and training methods. The program also includes many street self defence techniques and tactics for dealing with bullying.
All students are expected to follow the rules and etiquette of a martial arts class which encourages them to be respectful, mature and focused. This instills a strong sense of integrity and honor which in turn builds strong self esteem, something very important in the life of a young teen.

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 Additional benefits your teen will receive:

  • Valuable life skills
  • The chance to meet potentially lifelong friends
  • A positive attitude which helps resist peer group pressure
  • Improved coordination, balance and flexibility
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Our ranking system of coloured tabs and belts encourages goal setting with practical and realistic achievements. Ranks earned in Youth Freestyle Martial Arts also apply to the adult program where students can continue their progression to black belt and beyond. Members of the Youth Freestyle Martial Arts program are also allowed to attend one adult class a week and can choose from Thai kick boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts or Weaponry Combat.

If you would like further information or to come along and try a lesson please call reception on (03) 3776350.

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