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Here’s how you can get super fit, melt those unwanted inches away and experience the most incredible workout of your life –

The Academy of Combat fitness class

Mixed martial artists and Muay Thai practitioners are arguably the most highly conditioned, overall, of all athletes. These sports demand a whole body conditioning and, to be competitive, an athlete must be able to manage his/her weight very precisely and quickly.

And yet with all the technical drilling and fight techniques that they need to include, in their training regimes, their conditioning routines must be short, highly demanding and get the results they need quickly.

The reality is that most of these athletes only train for these extremely high levels of conditioning for 30 minutes a day.

The secret is in the methodology and intensity; using a system developed in the 1970’s by a Japanese scientist and conditioning coach who took the Japanese speed skating team to win Gold in the Olympics using these tactics.

These methods were kept secret in the early stages of the game but now, due to the numbers of athletes taking part in these sports and the availability of information, they have become within the reach of other sports and fitness gyms.

This method of training, which is readily adapted to people at any level of starting fitness, has been shown to produce levels of fitness, conditioning and weight loss faster and better than ever before.

This is revolutionizing the fitness industry with many of the commercial gyms around the world clamoring to develop similar regimes and train their trainers so that they can provide these methods to their members.

At the Academy we have been using these methods for years to train our MMA and Muay Thai students so we have a wealth of experience in their structure and performance.

Now the Academy has developed an entry level regime so that you too can take advantage of these revolutionary weight management and fitness regimes at whatever level you are now; whether a couch potato just wanting to get into better shape or someone who has kept themselves in reasonable shape but is looking for something that will challenge them a little more and give them more enjoyment.


This fitness class is suitable for, and able to be learned by any one. The academy has a long and prestigious history and reputation for producing quality students and changing people’s lives at any age and whatever walk of life that they come from.

If you’ve ever seen these MMA athletes in competition you have probably been amazed at their conditioning and wondered whether this is possible for the average person rather than just being reserved for the professional athlete, well as I said it is well within  the reach of the average person and only takes 30 minutes a day.

You may have also have thought that it is only for young athletes and that once you get over about 30 then there is no way that you could do this type of training. Well I can assure you that myself and numerous other mature athletes, that I know, are using these methods, many of us in our 40’s and 50’s.

The class is structured so that you challenge yourself and the fitness and workout that you’ll enjoy is out of this world and take you to new highs in your pursuit of the type of body that you will feel great in.

  •   The skills required are simple to learn
  •   The whole program is quick and intense only 30 minutes a day.
  •   The challenge is personal, you drive yourself to your maximum and it is you that sets the bar.
  •   Strip those inches and pounds of unwanted fat off faster than ever before
  •   Have great fun doing the routines with people just like you in an atmosphere of fun, excitement and encouragement,
  •   See and feel the difference in a very short time.

Come and join our exciting high intensity class that will challenge you and make you the person that you always dreamed of becoming.

Together with our experienced instructors, feel and experience the excitement and rush that you get from the challenge, the comradeship of working with others just like you, and see the inches just melt away as you get in the best shape of your life, and stay that way.

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