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Street Self Defence Course

It's all very well and good practicing martial art this and martial art that as a form of self defence but when faced with a real life threatening situation the adrenaline kicks in and you freeze, all previous training flying out the proverbial window. I unfortunately have been in this situation, and let me tell you it is not one that I wish to revisit- therein lies my reason for attending the very first Academy of Combat Adrenal Stress Course.

I can honestly say that the skills I learned and carried away with me that day equipped me with the confidence and ability to deal efficiently with a wide range of compromising situations and how to avoid them in the first place! It also helped me deal with my own past experiences, rationalizing them and making me feel like they never happened.

I would recommend this course to everyone, male, female and child alike, as it covers a range of scenarios on multiple levels. I found it to be invaluable towards my attitude to the way I live and go about my life; where once I froze in the face of fear, I now don't give it the time of day.


Everyone should know how to defend themselves. You will definitely learn these abilities at the Academy of Combat. Don't hesitate start today, you will not regret it when the situation arises when you have to defend/protect yourself.

-Stephen Baker

If you want to learn how to protect yourself without having to go through years of martial arts this is the one for you. Plus the guys are supportive and clear in explanantion.


Just do it! You will not be sorry - gives you ammunition to deal with dangerous situations.

-Kelly Ewen

You will get so much out of it - I guarantee you will surprise yourself.


Excellent course, totally 'geared up' for thug types of scenarios you really would come across in todays world!

-R. Lauchlen

Essential skills are taught. You need to do this course.

-Emma Kallqvist MSC (Hons)

Awesome, I'm going to do it again, puts you into real situations, easy to learn to fight back while disorientated.

- Kerri Lowe
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Straight foward and professional. Explains in a step by step manner which is easy to understand. Would highly reccomend the course.

-Marie Cronin

A great fun day, learnt lots and a great stress release. I now feel confident to travel overseas.

-Julia Shier