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Master Your Fears & Destroy the toughest Thugs When Confronted With A Life-Threatening Situation


The date of our next Street Self Defence Course will be announced soon.

Our Street Self Defence Course is a Reality Based Self Defence System, developed from real life experiences, that trains you to master your fears when facing the real threat of an attacker or mugger and respond, if necessary, with a fierce, powerful and focused attack that will neutralize and destroy the toughest of assailants - tactics that will give you the greatest chance of survival when confronted with a life threatening do or die situation. You will be taught in the best equipped martial arts facility in Christchurch.

Here are just some of the things that you will learn from this training:

• Discover what a potential attacker identifies as a victim and how to present yourself as a potential danger to a would-be mugger.

• Learn what occurs when the fight, flight, freeze reflex activates and how you can utilize what is a natural survival response to protect yourself effectively .

• Develop simple but effective and powerful strikes that will neutralize any assailant , no matter how big they are.

• Find out what are the most effective targets on the human body that will incapacitate an aggressor regardless of how tough they are.

Others who have been trained with this methodology have realized incredible boosts in their confidence. For many, both men and woman, this has come after suffering terrible assaults and humiliations. It has literally given them their lives back. People with a history of "being the victim" have become empowered enabling them to live their lives as they want - free of fear and full of unrestrained adventures.

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Here are just some of the benefits that you will gain from this training:

• Develop the body language and assertive behavior that makes potential attackers avoid you .

• Train your mind to flick the switch to fight mode when you feel the fear from the "adrenal rush" that results from a potential threat.

• Learn to attack with ferocity and focus that will destroy even the toughest of assailants, no matter how strong you are.

• Actually apply the tactics that you learn, full force, to live trainers that will push you through the “freeze threshold” so that you see and feel the power actually working for you .

Those who decide not to take part in this course risk a great deal: Crime statistics indicate that violent assaults are increasing every day. Police cannot respond fast enough to prevent much of the attacks that innocent people suffer. Failure to arm yourself with the ability to recognize possible danger and the capability to respond to potentially life threatening attacks could result in serious injury, complete destruction of self esteem, or even death.

To ensure that those taking part will fully experience the training and programming changes that this course will give them and due to its intense nature the number of participants will be limited. So register at the Academy of Combat Ltd reception now to ensure your place!

The date of our next Street Self Defence Course will be announced soon.

Call (03) 3776 350 and register your interest.


…and if you feel that you haven't learned effective self-defence skills following this training we'll refund your money in full.

P.S. We guarantee that the information and tactics you will learn will greatly enhance your experience of life and empower you with realistic self protection skills.

P.P.S.We are now offering these programs to corporate, school and other group organizations. If you are interested please ring Academy of Combat Mixed Martial Arts Ltd, Christchurch,
Ph (03) 3776 350