learn self defense, self defense course, self defense technique

Street Self Defence Course

Our next Street Self Defence Course has yet to have a confirmed date, we will announce a date as soon as possible. This is the ultimate in self defence that works, by introducing you to the fear response and teaching you to master it, so that you gain greater empowerment in all areas of your life and have the best chance of survival when faced with the frightening prospect of being attacked for real.

learn self defense, self defense course, self defense technique

self defense academy, self defense fighting, learn self defenseGeoff underwent an intensive training course in Australia with Bill Kipp the founder of the F.A.S.T.- reality based self-defence system together with John Will and members of the Australian Special Forces. Check out some images from the course on our Street Self Defence page. This training culminated in Geoff becoming the first and only certified Bullet Man in New Zealand, allowing him to make this cutting edge self defence technology available to everyone who wants to get control back in their lives.

Annabelle Latz from the Christchurch Star newspaper visited The Academy of Combat and experienced first hand the adrenal rear response that debilitates most of us when presented with a threat to our safety and learned how, through the cutting edge self defence technology of Adrenal Stress Conditioning you can overcome this and defend yourself. Read about it here.

Course numbers are limited so be sure to secure your position today!

Be sure and have a look at the video clip of some of the action from our first course on the
Street Self Defence gallery page and check out our Events page for footage of the course.